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If music be the food of love… Posted On 21 June 2021

Play on or listen on- do music your way


What are your plans for Monday 21st June? Will you compose a new piece on the piano? Choose some calming zen pieces to accompany your yoga practice? Browse Spotify for a new artist to explore? Why? Because 21st June marks World Music Day- an art everyone appreciates in one way or another. This day celebrates music in all its forms.

Music is a powerful thing. Some pieces make you feel sorrow, some elation, some make you feel like you’re the lead in the film of your life (admit it, you’ve plugged in some headphones and strutted down the street too!). World Music Day began in France and was celebrated in more than 1000 cities and 120 countries last year. It began in 1982 when the French Ministry of Culture decided to celebrate this universal language. Music comes from the Greek word ‘muse’ – alluding to the fact many feel music speaks to their soul and can act as inspiration. This year World Music Day invites you to take part and share the music you are most passionate about. Get out to local parks, public squares, your doorsteps and balconies and whether amateur, professional or blasting from your Bluetooth speaker, share your music. France have led by example with 8% of the population having either played and instrument or sung in public on this day.

The power of music is truly remarkable. Slow and calm music has been proven to boost a cow’s milk production. Listening to songs with a fast tempo makes you run faster whereas listening to certain genres has been shown to increase generosity. But it doesn’t end there, nusic heightens activity in the nucleus accumbens, which can release dopamine into the brain. Music can help people with brain injuries to recall personal memories. It even makes you more intelligent with studies showing that people who listen to music regularly attain higher scores on IQ tests than non-listeners. This is because listening to music improves your mood and when you feel happy you are able to retain information for longer.

So whether it’s on World Music Day or just the next time you’re feeling a bit bleugh, shut those curtains, turn your music up and dance like nobody’s watching- because they aren’t, it’s just you and the music.

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