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Man’s best friend Posted On 16 March 2021

Dogs have truly been important for a lot of people during lockdown


Our lives have changed drastically over the past year, however, today we’re going to talk about another member of the family whose life has changed… your dog. Long known as man’s best friend, our fluffy friends have had their lives changed during this lockdown period too…

With dog walking officially recognised as exercise, a lot of us have taken to longer dog walks over the past year, which is a plus to both us and our four-legged friends. Getting out of the house and into the fresh air is beneficial for both our bodies and our minds, and this is no different for our pets.

Likewise, with many of us now cooped up working from home all day, permanently or temporarily, having a pet around helps with the potential loneliness that can arise. And, at the same time, having a dog gives us the excuse we need to pull ourselves away from our home offices/sofas and get some fresh air.

When lockdown was first introduced, it was something novel, but the longer it has gone on the more people are noticing a change in their dog’s behaviour. 82% of pet owners surveyed by the Dogs Trust reported an increase in barking or whining when someone was busy and a 20% increase of dogs frequently seeking attention from their owners.


There are steps you can take to help your dog settle in their new routine:

  • Give your dog their own space and teach them to settle. When they’re in their own space, leave them alone.
  • Feed your dog at the same time every day.
  • Plan your dog’s day to give them time with you, time for exercise and play, and time for rest.


Our dogs, and other pets, have helped keep us sane over the past year, so ensure you give them the same love and respect they deserve and treat them right to help them through these strange times.

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