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Selling Your Home: Value Boosting Tips Posted On 23 November 2021

5 Ways to Increase the value of your Home

When selling your home, you deserve to get the best possible price for it. When adding value to your home, the goal is to ensure you aren’t left out of pocket. Certain projects are quick and easy and will add instant interior appeal whilst others may be larger extensions that will help your house sell for the right price on the property market.

Want to know how to add value to your home by making sure it’s structurally safe and secure? Then make sure you are on top of structural issues such as subsidence as this will massively impact the value of any house. Structural issues such as subsidence, can, in some cases, involve underpinning costs and so are likely to be amongst the most expensive work required in a renovation project but, in terms of adding value, they are essential.

Another way to add instant value to your home is to update the central heating system. This will always add more to the value of a property than it costs and should to be done in conjunction with improving the general energy efficiency of the building. Improving the efficiency will include sealing any drafts around doors and windows (but not airbricks), replacing windows that are beyond repair with double glazing and adding insulation into the loft space.

With the shift towards remote working seeming set to stay, garden offices are a big selling point and can add value to your home. For those without the space to spare in their homes, a garden office can be the only way to create a productive office area.

Decorating is perhaps the most obvious task when thinking about how to add value to your home. Whilst small, superficial defects won’t directly affect the value of a property, they could put off potential buyers. If you’re competent at DIY, issues you could easily resolve include peeling paint, squeaking, or sticking doors and windows. If you don’t feel confident completing these fixes yourself, contact a local handyman.

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